Meet the Composer

I watched my mother give piano lessons to students from the end of the piano bench as a toddler. I danced to LP’s  of the Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel and the Kingston Trio in my family’s living room in South Dakota as a small girl. I gave awkward singing performances at our small Methodist Church in Salt Lake City, UT as a pre-teen, where my mother directed worship.

As a young teen, I began to discover that music was mine. I was acquainted with contemporary worship at an AG church, and began to play piano with the youth worship team there. I was eaten up with music, and practiced piano and violin in every free moment.  Determined to become the next big Contemporary Music Sensation, I pursued a Music Business degree at Belmont University in Nashville. During my years at Belmont, I learned about Reformed Theology through classes and communities at Christ Community Church in Franklin, and fell in love with its rich doctrines. I learned about the Westminster Shorter Catechism, and as a personal challenge, began setting it to music. When I realized how easy it was to memorize when set to music, I pushed through the entire Catechism. It took two years to write, record, and produce.

I now live in Virginia Beach with my son, and work in educational music as a teacher and performer.